Pastured Pork

Gloucestershire Old Spots

We specializes in raising the critically endangered, heritage hog, Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS), the good old fashioned way…roaming freely on nearly 15 acres of organic pasture and orchards.  We supplement the pastures/orchards with non-GMO feed, ground and mixed locally.  The GOS is a unique and rare breed that is very different from other breeds in terms of meat characteristics and quality.    Being critically endangered means there are less than 2000 registered hogs within the United States.  To learn more about GOS pork visit our click here.  WE are also members of GOS of America, a non-profit organization, ran by breeders/members.   Currently, our hogs have been harvested, which means we have plenty of Pastured Pork for Sale.  We plan to raise new hogs next season. 

Truly Farm-to-Table

Here at Summer Smiles Honey Farm, we are proud to say we have a PA Dept of Ag. certified, commercial kitchen.     We developed our very own spice mixtures for both the loose, breakfast sausage, as well as for the spiced sausage, which in a link coil.  

The SUPER-Thick cut  Bacon, we also cured and finished our own special way. It was important to us that our raw honey was a factor and secret ingredient within the process of both the sausage and the bacon.  

So rest assure, it is!  :)  

The flavor is like nothing you've tried before.